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My Haunted Life Too

My Haunted Life Too

My Haunted Life Too

Your true stories of the paranormal hosted by G. Michael Vasey

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  • The Tapping Ghost of Manchester.
    This story takes place in Manchester, United Kingdom. It happened when I was a child around six years old, so 1986. I was at the family home with my mum dad and older brother Paul. Paul and I used to share a bunk bed, with him on bottom and me on the top. I used to sleep with a clip-on lamp on my right hand side. One night I awoke to a tapping on my shoulder — fast taps… one two three. It woke me almost instantly, so I turned on the lamp to see why my brother was harassing me at this time of the night. When I looked down, he was asleep — or pretending, I thought. Growing up, we were always playing pranks on each other. I turned off my light and lay there. One minute later, the tapping started again. The same as before – fast, one two three! I turned my lamp on, again looking down at my brother, still in the same position and asleep. “Stop it!” I said, but he didn’t even move. Once again, light back off, but this time the tapping was straight away, and consistent. I turned the light back The post The Tapping Ghost of Manchester. appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Friday 30th of September 2016 02:41:13 AM
  • The Phantom Gardener
    Five years ago I purchased a couple of 18th century houses built next to each other and surrounded by a lovely mature garden. The houses are on the outskirts of a picturesque village called St Dizier Leyrenne, which is located in the Limousin region of France. I purchased the houses with the intention of letting out as rural holiday homes (gites) and this is exactly what I have done. Soon after making my purchase, I spent some considerable time over one summer, renovating both the properties, and it is during this time that I first had a rather strange thing happen. Whilst fitting a new window overlooking the garden, I noticed a man in overalls and a straw hat, he was apparently tending to the flowers and shrubs, being intrigued, I promptly decided to go outside in order to ask what he was doing in my garden. But by the time I made my way through the cottage to the door, I could not see him anymore, I then walked around the perimeter of my garden, but there was nobody there. I did not think too much of this, and put the experience down to the possibility of a trick The post The Phantom Gardener appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Thursday 29th of September 2016 03:43:22 AM
  • A Ripple In Time? The Hanged Man.
    I have been a first responder for many years. Some very strange things have happened. But nothing like this one situation I found myself in. I was called out to a “situation” one evening. I arrived and spoke to a middle aged lady who told me that her son was under the influence of a drug. She didn’t know what drug he had taken. But apparently he had been babbling and acting in a very strange way. He had told her that he was scared to go to his room because an old man was hanging above his bed. She said that she hadn’t checked out his claim as she was too scared to go into his room. She did tell me that he was constantly bringing friends over who were known drug addicts—but said that she hadn’t known until that night that he was taking them too. I went to speak with the son, who was clearly under the influence of a substance. He told me that he was told by a “spirit” to not enter the bedroom, because her father, dressed in his military “Class A” uniform was hanging from the ceiling of his bedroom. I checked the The post A Ripple In Time? The Hanged Man. appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Wednesday 28th of September 2016 04:59:47 AM
  • Haunted Fish…
    Staying with the fish theme today…. I don’t know about you, but this story freaks me out! When this took place I was five years old, or maybe a little younger. Surrounded by my toys I played in the living room alone as I often did. On this day I remember it was raining and grey and I was playing with my game of toy fishing instead of the garden which was my usual haunt. It was a simple toy which included a circular dish which would be filled with plastic fish, and tiny fishing rods with magnets attached to the end. The aim was simply catch a fish with the magnet on the rod. It was meant for two people or more but often I played it by myself. As I caught more and more fish I placed them on the carpet beside me, stacking them neatly as I angled for the last few remaining fish. This was when I saw it, a hand, a human hand which darted from behind the sofa and snatched up one of my plastic fish from my pile. It happened so quickly that it took me a while to react. Yet as quick The post Haunted Fish… appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Tuesday 27th of September 2016 10:05:35 AM
  • Ghosts of the Living?
    I had a chat with my Mother this weekend. She is a very brave lady. She told me something intriguing however during the call. She told me that on two occasions during the previous week she had seen the ‘ghost’ of one of her living relatives. In the first instance, she turned around in the kitchen and there was her relative standing there watching her. It was a solid figure but it faded away in front of her. The second instance, she saw the same relative looking in at the hall window and went to the door expecting her there….There was no one there. Now this has worried her a bit. after all, why would you see the ghost of a living person? What can it mean? It certainly got my interest. Have you ever seen the ghost of a living person?       © 2016, G. Michael Vasey & My Haunted Life Too. All rights reserved. The post Ghosts of the Living? appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Monday 26th of September 2016 08:16:43 AM
  • The Fish Eater of Stromovka – Prague’s Wanna Be Vampire?
    A large park called Stromovka in Prague boasts a Fish Eater, a sort of vampire that feasts on the blood of rotting fish but, should you be passing through the park on a moonlit night, may just be tempted to try a drop of human blood too. The Fish Eater was once an aide to a certain General Windischgratz, who held various posts in the Austrian army, but notably was head of the army in Prague. He was apparently a strange man who hailed from an aristocratic family and was in someway related to Count Dracula. He would bathe in the fishponds of the park on moonlit nights imagining himself as the head officer of the fish in the pond who he saw as his soldiers. Unfortunately, he met a bloody end at the hands of a man named Vondra who beat him to death with a stick. Vondra threw his battered body into one of the ponds where it lay undiscovered and rotting for a long time. Of course, he could have become a regular vampire, but his long sojourn in the mud and water of the fishponds was said to have weakened him to the point where he The post The Fish Eater of Stromovka – Prague’s Wanna Be Vampire? appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Monday 26th of September 2016 04:28:29 AM
  • The Haunted School Bathroom: Are Schools Really Haunted?
    When I was 7 years old I used to be scared of going into my school bathroom alone, this is because every time I was in there by myself I would see a young girl standing in the shower. She wore a grey school skirt, long white socks, black shoes, white polo shirt and a jumper. I tried ignoring her for about half a year, as I thought I was going mad because nobody else saw it, but she never moved. I spoke to my mum about it, I was so scared even though the young girl hadn’t moved, and my mom told me to talk to the ghost, I did talk to her, and I asked her to leave me alone, but she did nothing. I saw her constantly throughout my time at that school. A few years later I then found out that a girl had passed away at my school, I’m not too sure how, all I could find out is that her first name was Rhea. I continued seeing her until I left that school and there was nothing I could do about it. I am now really interested in the paranormal even though it still does The post The Haunted School Bathroom: Are Schools Really Haunted? appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Friday 23rd of September 2016 11:28:44 AM
  • The Disappearing Smoking Ghost: Have You Encountered Anything Like This?
    I worked for a development company that had purchased an entire neighborhood of Victorian homes to renovate and resell. Every home for a two block radius was empty except for the one that I lived in; which was near completion and was going to be used as the model home. One afternoon, I was almost out of cigarettes and decided to walk to a corner store a few blocks away. Keep in mind that this was an out of the way neighborhood, there were no workmen around, all of the homes were vacant, and the entire area was deserted. I had only walked about one block, and was walking looking down at the side walk lost in thought when a few feet ahead of me I heard a voice say “excuse me, but may I have a cigarette?” Before I even looked up, I was astonished that anybody was even around but what I saw astonished me even more. Standing there was an elderly black lady. She was small and frail and dressed head to toe in black, her dress was high necked and went down to the ground. She had on a small pillbox hat with a veil hanging The post The Disappearing Smoking Ghost: Have You Encountered Anything Like This? appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Thursday 22nd of September 2016 12:58:05 PM
  • The Las Vegas Sand Demon: Have You Seen It?
    This happened in the early 80’s. I was getting married for the first time. My wedding was to be in Las Vegas, so my fiancée and I drove up and were traveling on the freeway to Vegas. This happened on that freeway during our journey to Vegas. We were coasting along, talking about the wedding, when we both noticed something “white” start to cross the freeway in front of us. This figure was actually floating, and I honestly thought it was a piece of paper. I continued talking to my fiancée, but kept my eye on this thing when finally, we got right up to it and almost ran it over. At exactly the same time, we screamed, “What the hell is that?” What we saw was a miniature ‘devil’ with horns running across the road in front of us. I saw this thing clearly and it was no animal. It was white, had two arms, two legs, a tail, and a pointy human head and face with two horns. It ran on two legs, not on four. We had to have been traveling at least 70 mph when this thing crossed in front of us and I can verify The post The Las Vegas Sand Demon: Have You Seen It? appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Wednesday 21st of September 2016 08:30:14 AM
  • Did The Devil Write This Huge Bible in One Night?
    A few years ago, I had the opportunity to see this strange document first hand, as it was on display outside of Brno. In fact, what I saw was a copy of the original. Nonetheless, the effect was chilling. The Devil’s Bible or Codex Gigas is 36inches tall by 20 inches wide and about 9 inches thick. It contains a set of Christian texts including the Bible. It is bound in leather with metal trim and weighs over 165 pounds. It is known for the amazing color illustration in its pages of the Devil and that is how it gained its name. Historians believe the text was created in the Benedictine monastery of Podlažice in the Czech Republic in the early 13th century. Now, as if the scale of the Bible wasn’t enough, the Bible’s creation legend is even more bizarre. A monk in the middle Ages, who, after breaking his monastic vows, was sentenced to the horribly cruel death of being walled up alive, is said to have written it. Desperate to avoid his fate, the monk promised to write – in just a single night – a book that both glorified his church and also contained all human knowledge. The post Did The Devil Write This Huge Bible in One Night? appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Tuesday 20th of September 2016 04:12:30 AM


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