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My Haunted Life Too

My Haunted Life Too

My Haunted Life Too

Your true stories of the paranormal hosted by G. Michael Vasey

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Recent News

  • A Haunted Anniversary
    Today we return to the reviews on and to The Town House, Durham, England. It appears that one couple celebrating their anniversary had an experience they might like to forget……. My partner and I stayed for our anniversary, for one night. We booked the nautical room which was very cramped- especially for the price we paid. The location is very central, and ideal for seeing Durham. Overall, the hotel is well furnished and maintained, however, one word of warning, the room we stayed in was haunted! I must be the most sceptical person in the world- never believed in such things, however, clear as day a figure was next to the bed! (defiantly not associated with any alcohol) after my partner ‘felt’ someone/ something in the room- I turned to give her assurance (in kind word) and through the glow of the aluminous fire escape sticker on the door was a ‘figure’ with a 1920’s maids hat holding what appeared to be a tray. I double taked, and it was still there! Needless to say, the lights we turned on, and we lay awake until day light to open the curtains. Now before you starting thinking we are a The post A Haunted Anniversary appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Monday 20th of February 2017 04:23:07 AM
  • A Ghostly Battle In A Storm..
    My Dad told me this creepy story several times when I was growing up. His childhood wasn’t so great and so he liked to escape at weekends or whenever he could. His best friend, Jack, and he, loved to cycle, camp and hike around East Yorkshire and that’s what they did just anytime they could. It was the years directly after the war and there was little traffic or other people to bother them. One night, they pitched their small two-man tent in a farmer’s field near Long Marston. They knew very well that, in the vicinity, many years ago, a battle had taken place there during the English Civil war – The battle of Marston Moor. It was partly why they were there as they both had a love of history as well as the outdoors. They retired as dusk came as they were heading back in the morning and needed to get up early to allow sufficient time for the trip. Cycling all day is tiring and so they had no problems sleeping. Around 1am, a hand shaking his shoulder woke my Dad up. It was pitch black. As he awoke he heard Jack’s voice, “Nev, Nev, do The post A Ghostly Battle In A Storm.. appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Friday 17th of February 2017 04:33:14 AM
  • Shadow People In A Time Loop?
    When I was fifteen I had a series of strange things happen to me at home. Every night I would read before going to sleep. This one particular night was the same as usual, I’d turn on my radio, pop open a book, and gradually fall asleep. But something was different as I woke up for no reason around three or four in the morning only to see two ‘entities’ quietly standing on the right side of my bed. My radio was still on and my book was lying on my chest. I could see them quite clearly as they seemed to glow. I didn’t feel scared but I felt confused and I was thinking to myself, ‘is this actually happening?’ The beings were blacker than the actual dark but seemed to have glowing edges, they were small but I could tell they were not children, and they wore clothes. The one closest to me wore a hat and the other a dress or something with no other discernible features. When the entities noticed that I had seen them they started blinking. That’s the best way I can describe it. Almost as though they were changing color. Then in a The post Shadow People In A Time Loop? appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Thursday 16th of February 2017 03:51:55 AM
  • The Haunted House Next Door
    When I was a child I lived in a rural part of the country. Our house was perfectly fine but the next-door house had a serious of strange events happen that could be called paranormal. During the 1800’s a man had murdered his family in that house. Then he had committed suicide. After that few people had wanted to stay in the house and people always told of “blood running under the crack of the door.” From time to time we would hear noises from next door. Crying, sometimes banging, sometimes tapping. It was nothing extreme but a family moved in and they started redecorating the house. After a few days, the wife of the family who moved in knocked on our door and asked if we knew anything about the house. My mother told her everything she knew. She mentioned the murderers, the blood running under the steps, the suicide. Everything she knew. She told us that the first night they’d stayed in that house her husband had seen a face in the wall. An actual face morph from the wall and stretch across the room. My mother thought she was a little crazy and just smiled. She went The post The Haunted House Next Door appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Wednesday 15th of February 2017 04:04:41 AM
  • Weird Darkness – The Others and 5 More Scary True Stories
    This episode of Weird Darkness is brought to you by the audiobook: “Saying Goodbye” by Jason R. Davis, narrated by Weird Darkness host, Darren Marlar. To hear a FREE sample from this book or to add it to your collection, visit the audiobooks page at * FACEBOOK PAGE: * FACEBOOK GROUP:… * TWITTER: * FREE MOBILE APP: * WEBSITE: * BECOME A PATRON: FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material; the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available for the purpose of criticism, comment, review and news reporting which constitute the ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Not withstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, comment, review and news reporting is not an infringement of copyright. Stories from featured in this episode… “The Old Lady Ghost Hiding In The Darkness” Submitted by Jill… “The Black Eyed Beckoning Ghost” Submitted by Louise Stillman… “Could My House Be Haunted?” Submitted by Jane Sandor… “The The post Weird Darkness – The Others and 5 More Scary True Stories appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Wednesday 15th of February 2017 03:51:37 AM
  • Could My House Be Haunted?
    I’ve lived in the same house in Alaska my whole life. It is a three-story house that is about 30-40 years old. Ever since I was a kid I was constantly terrified in my house sometimes when I’m walking up or down my stairs I get this sudden urge to run. I don’t know why. I always feel as though I am being watched, especially when I am alone, but even when I’m not alone. My father died of cancer a little over a year ago, in my house that I live in but I have yet to have any signs of him lingering in my house but my mom said on the one year anniversary of his death she woke up to him calling her name. Before he passed he had said on numerous occasions he would try to open our back door and it felt as if someone was on the other side of the door holding the knob in place preventing him from opening it at first. He said on one occasion he woke up because he felt a shove on his back, and when he woke up in his semi-dark room he saw a line of The post Could My House Be Haunted? appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Tuesday 14th of February 2017 03:12:42 AM
  • The Others: Dark Shadows Invaded My House
    A friend of mine suggested I send this story into your site. I have read many of your stories—but I’ve seen nothing like this. I thought your readers might be interested in my story. I moved to Connecticut with my family around the time that I had started first grade. Soon after I began seeing dark figures in my room at night. You couldn’t really make out any features other than that they had tall, broad shoulders and wide chests which made me think they were adult men. None of them had faces. They would pay no attention to me and walk around the room without interfering in anything I was doing. These events didn’t happen every night, and the nights that they did happen I sometimes would have some very scary nightmares. At first this was very frightening, but after I had seen that they would not hurt me I grew used to them being there. One night was different though. We had been living in the house for a little over three or four years, one night I had just climbed into bed and said goodnight to the figures which had become part of my routine. For the The post The Others: Dark Shadows Invaded My House appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Friday 10th of February 2017 04:35:39 AM
  • Doctor Sleep: A Terrifying Experience with a Demon
    This happened to me when I first moved out of my parent’s place into an apartment in an older part of Chicago. I was looking for a job and took whatever I could get. I often felt as though I wasn’t alone in that house — from my first night there, I knew there was something wrong with the place. A few weeks after I moved in I started waking in the middle of the night and found that I was paralyzed. I now know this to be “sleep paralysis,” but at the time thought I was going crazy. I would be awake for hours without being able to move, sleep or sleep. All I could feel was a tingling sensation in my body. A few weeks after this started—it stopped. Everything was fine until my sister stayed over one night. She went to bed early and stayed in my bedroom. I stayed on the couch. I slept well—but the following morning she came out of my bedroom crying. I asked her what had happened and she told me that she had woken up suddenly and found that she couldn’t move—exactly as I explained. But she said a man was The post Doctor Sleep: A Terrifying Experience with a Demon appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Wednesday 8th of February 2017 03:47:18 AM
  • The Tasmanian Hotel That Used to be A School…
    The Rydges Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania was apparently a converted school. One visitor sensed the kids may still be there. Here is his review from The hotel looks nice enough from out side and was a long way out of the city centre. It has all the amenities one expects form a 4 star. The first thing I noticed was there was hardly any cars in the carpark and also not many guests in the hotel at all, the bar and restaurant were all empty even at breakfast time. The hotel has a nice view of the oval, but an eerie vibe. Believe what you like, but at 440am I awoke to what I thought was the sound of Kids playing in the room next door; thumping a ball against the wall and laughing. Also an adult telling them to be quiet in an angry voice. I was sitting up in bed by this time and was about to open the door and ask the people next door to be quiet please. Then my bed started to shake violently. I heard the door slam and it felt like a cat was crawling over my sheets. The sheets were crumpling over The post The Tasmanian Hotel That Used to be A School… appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Tuesday 7th of February 2017 05:00:44 AM
  • The Back Eyed Man in the WalMart Parking Lot
    A few months ago I was antsy to get out of my condo. I decided to go out shopping and tried to lose myself in one of the stores. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and I just wanted to be lost and away from any of my problems. As I started to relax and get interested in the clothes I was looking at I started to feel cold. I had chills and started itching. My whole body felt like one large bite. I felt sick but tried to ignore it. I was disorientated and I started to lose track of where I was and what I was doing. I decided I should go home. I left the clothes I was going to buy and left the store. In the parking lot, I struggled to find my car. It was very hard for me to move. All I remember is a car going past and standing in the middle of the lot trying to find my car. I think I must have looked like a lunatic. I felt sick to my stomach. My eyes were blurry. But I could see him. An older man in black. He made The post The Back Eyed Man in the WalMart Parking Lot appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
    Monday 6th of February 2017 05:54:34 AM


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