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Top Paranormal Sites .com - does exactly what it says on the tin. A free 'Top Sites' list of paranormal themed websites. This site includes automatic site statistics, and a manual voting and review facility.

Mystery 9 Media

All things paranormal and unexplained.

Category: General Paranormal
#242 BeWytched

A friendly neutral site for all pathways and people wishing to help others and move forwards focusing on the mind, body and spiritual subjects and also witchcraft and paganism too.

Category: Spiritual

A place to explore the paranormal and stay up to date on all new paranormal happenings.

Interior Paranormal Society

Non Profit Paranormal Investigation from British Columbia Canada. Sister team to Vancouver Paranormal Society. B.C's longest running Paranormal society

Category: General Paranormal
Yo quiero creer

Comunidad Paranormal en espaol

Category: General Paranormal
Hainted Soul Paranormal Network

Haunted Soul is a friendly website that offers forums and other social features to connect with other paranormal enthusiasts. Posts are about haunting, and all areas of the paranormal

Category: General Paranormal
Paranormal Investigators Townsville P.I.T.

Paranormal Investigators Group trying to educate people on the paranormal.

Category: General Paranormal
Para-Cryptid Tours  Investigations

We offer a variety of paranormal events ranging from ghost hunting to Dogmen investigations. We also offer a variety of packages from just the investigation to a mini-vacation.

Ghost City Tours New Orleans

Join America's leading walking ghost tour company on your next trip to New Orleans! Ghost City Tours offers a host of different haunted tours in the French Quarter, all of which are guaranteed to give you an experience you won't soon forget. Whether...

Category: General Paranormal
P.I.O.T. Paranormal

We are P.I.O.T. Our name stands for Paranormal Investigations and Observations Team. Do not hesitate to contact us with anything regarding the paranormal. We would love to speak with you and offer our best resolutions. Please feel free to learn more...

paranormal team

we are a team in the midlands that search and document haunted locations

Category: General Paranormal

Latest Cryptid Sightings And Reports.

Ann Arbor Paranormal Research Society

Ann Arbors premier paranormal research and investigation group offers free paranormal investigations with a highly trained team of scientific researchers and investigators. Finding the truth for our clients is our number 1 priority.

GGPI - Ghostly Gateway Paranormal Investigations

We are a paranormal investigative team based out of Columbus OH, but we will cover the whole state of OH if it warrants,. We can investigate any business or residence. Our services are free and always will be. Even though we are not paid for our...

Category: General Paranormal
I See You Paranormal ISYP

I See You Paranormal - Paranormal Research Institute Web Blog

Category: General Paranormal
True Hauntings - A Place to Tell YOUR Story

We have had years of experience with the paranormal. You will find Informative articles on Haunted places, types of Hauntings, ect. We always welcome stories that are true. So if you have had a paranormal experience please share You will also find a list...

Category: General Paranormal
Paranormal Peacock Blog

I am just a normal person with paranormal abilities and I like to blog about my paranormal journey. I talk about my paranormal investigations, hauntings, spirit connections and much more.

Category: General Paranormal
Paranormal Potpourri

UFOs, ghosts, angels, bigfoots, cursed objects, Ouija board stories, time slips, mermaids, rebobs, whatever ... I got it all.

Category: General Paranormal

To seek out the truth thru complete investigation through various forms of equipments and share the evidence with interested parties. We do not do exorcism or any other such activity.

Category: General Paranormal
Great Lakes Paranormal Research Team

Paranormal Team that investigates homes and businesses.

Category: General Paranormal