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Top Paranormal Sites .com - does exactly what it says on the tin. A free 'Top Sites' list of paranormal themed websites. This site includes automatic site statistics, and a manual voting and review facility.

Paranormal Investigators

Paranormal investigators committed to helping people in need

Category: General Paranormal
CreepGeeks Podcast

Were an offbeat news podcast where we explore the strange,creepy, paranormal, unexplained, stupid, funny and tech topics circulating the web.

Pathway Paranormal

An Atlanta based psychic team dedicated to uncovering the causes of your paranormal experiences. We provide an different option to equipment-based teams, believing that a sensitive, mediumistic approach to paranormal investigation makes sense.

Category: General Paranormal
Paranormal Peacock Blog

I am just a normal person with paranormal abilities and I like to blog about my paranormal journey. I talk about my paranormal investigations, hauntings, spirit connections and much more.

Category: General Paranormal
The Hoosiers Investigating New Ghosts Society THINGS

THINGS is a paranormal investigation group based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We investigate reported claims of paranormal activity. Our mission is to help people who feel they are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes and businesses. Our services...

Category: General Paranormal

To seek out the truth thru complete investigation through various forms of equipments and share the evidence with interested parties. We do not do exorcism or any other such activity.

Category: General Paranormal

Exploring all that is beyond the realm of reason and rational explanation.

Category: General Paranormal
The Love Spirits

The Love Spirits Official Website of the Book The Love Spirits Love is God, Truth, Paranormal, Ghosts, Extraterrestrials. FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE BOOK.

Category: General Paranormal

Supernaturalearth is a forum to talk about tell us your stories about ghosts, U.F.Os, strange but true, living wonders , the occult and any other paranormal events, happening, ect. Subjects include but are not limited too Ghosts, Psychics,...

Category: General Paranormal

Latest Cryptid Sightings And Reports.

Paranormal Research Society of Central Illinois

We are a paranormal team doing investigations in central Illinois.

Category: General Paranormal
P.I.O.T. Paranormal

We are P.I.O.T. Our name stands for Paranormal Investigations and Observations Team. Do not hesitate to contact us with anything regarding the paranormal. We would love to speak with you and offer our best resolutions. Please feel free to learn more...

Northwest Sasquatch

Website for big foot news and upcoming big foot festival in Marblemount, Washington

Category: General Paranormal
Paranormal Research Society of Central Illinois

Paranormal investigating and research.

Category: General Paranormal
Sohbet Odalari

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Category: General Paranormal
Kevin Paul Psychic Medium Investigations

Im a professional psychic and medium who specializes in paranormal investigations and cleansings. My blog details some of the more interesting and difficult investigations that I have done. I am also a writer and speaker and provide private readings as...

I See You Paranormal ISYP

I See You Paranormal - Paranormal Research Institute Web Blog

Category: General Paranormal